Intro and Current setup


I make a living writing code for others and have done that for about 10 years now.

Sometimes however i write code to scratch my own itch. Whatever that itch may be. Some of these experiments turn into something that i would not mind showing other people. And that is the goal with this website. Heck, the code might even be available for everybody to study and learn from.

I have not yet made money on any experiments so i cannot guide you on what to do and what not to do when it comes to monetizing software.

Enough about me, let us move on to my setup.

Home setup

My home setup consists of a Lenovo x260 running Arch linux where i do most development on these experiments. I’m running the sway compositor on wayland that replaced my i3 when i was running under X11. My editor of choice is Vim and any gui application that i have to touch, i try to configure vim bindings for.

My home router is an APU4C4 running OpenBSD that i can highly recommend if you want to go to the length of configuring your own router. Since i’m located in the nordics i have bought it from a swedish company called TekLager.

Wifi is provided by an Ubiquiti router NanoHD as wireless networking was not something that i wanted to deal with. The APU boards does have capabilities for adding wireless modules to them though.

My keyboard which is the most important tool on my desk is a HHKB Pro.

Server setup

I’m currently having two VPS with two different providers. The first is a 5$ VPS at Upcloud running debian and the second is a 5$ VPS running OpenBSD at the awesome guys from All experiments are hosted on those two servers.

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