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What i do

At Sketchground Labs, i work passionately on side projects that maybe one day will grow. I'm a full stack engineer that works with a wide range of technologies to fulfill my need.

Full-Stack engineering

I deliver full-stack solutions that covers both backend services as well as frontend services using state of the art technologies.

Side projects

I uses this as a playground to work on side projects that might one day grow into a real business. Who knows? :)

Open Source

I make most of my source code available for everybody to inspect. Take a look at either Github, Sketchground Github or Bitbucket. Enjoy!



design and coding


A work in progress design and coding


Frontend/Backend software and mobile apps as a consultant


  • 2005

    Humble Beginnings

    Domain bought

  • 2010-2012

    Prototypes for info screens

    I developed prototypes for info screens meant for building complexes to show local information in the building.

  • November 2015

    Business Incorporated

    The business was finally incorporated and i continued our collaboration with Andelsvurderinger by expanding their internal systems making them market leading within their niche.

  • December 2016

    ikurven Released

    The first saas app was released in private beta that delivers offer subscriptions to danish consumers.

  • Sometime soon

    ajournal.dk goes live

    Sometime soon ajournal.dk will go live providing a place to have your journal. Fully open source of course!

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Our Amazing Team

Our team is still a one man band. With the occasional support of our house pet.

Jens Zeilund

Lead Everything sketchground related

Currently works as Senior Backend Developer @Vivino

The go gopher

Lead house pet.