Welcome 2023

With new years being merely a constructed fixed milestone in our lives, it is still a good day to reflect on the past year.

2022 has been a bit of a mix. With covid finally out of our daily lives, other crises has popped up. War in europe, inflation is back, etc. So plenty of things to worry about. However we cannot walk around worrying all the time.

Reflecting back on 2022 i have read a lot more books than i expected i would. Some of them in the self help categories as well as some ficional books. Books that i would like to highlight are: “Kvartlivskrise på caminoen”, “Daily rituals” and “The one-straw revolution”. Work on hobby coding projects has also increased again. Though i have not been good at publishing ideas/thoughts/code etc. around these. I will strive to improve that in 2023. Perhaps building in public?

2022 was also the year where i closed an old chapter with my prior endevours running a business with a few others. It has been itching for a number of years and now it was finally closed. However that also means that with the board wiped clean, i am more ready for new ideas, challenges, problems to solve. My maker heart has started beating louder again. One day i will most likely try my luck again. A lifestyle business with one or two founders would be ideal. Maybe 2023 will be the year?

Stay positive! Stay happy! Focus more on the opportunities! Travel! Be at peace with yourself! Do not get stuck in the hamster wheel!

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