Status update, January 2023

Hi there!

The first month of the year is coming to an end. It has been a busy one on both the work side and on the personal side. I’ve been to a retreat with work, been in Madrid for an extended weekend and celebrate two family birthdays. Which means not as much time for side projects as i would have liked.

I did however find time to get started on a gui application for tuigile. Yes, i know, it’s a horrible name and i should come up with another name. The gui application is intended for mobile phones, however the first iteration will only work on the desktop.

Early february i am heading for FOSDEM in bruxelles with an old collegue of mine. It will be good to be back in physical form and feel the buzz from the community. There is always something random popping up that happens to catch your interest.

Here is a quick bullet point progress rundown of activity for january:

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