Replacing traefik with caddy

After having moved to a new vps provider for my side projects, i took the step of replacing traefik with caddy. The reason is simply that traefik seemed too magic and gave too little information on what went wrong.

My setup is still running docker swarm on a single node. Having now caddy binding to port 80 and 443 inside a docker container. This container receives all traffic and routes it to other containers within the overlay network.

Caddy uses a simple Caddyfile that forces me to configure each reverse proxy manually and reload caddy when adding new sites. However caddy just works. It terminates tls giving me https on all sites out of the box too. No magic docker labels that then would be picked up by Traefik automagically and no odd 404’s where traefik is just silent about it.

It’s such a relief.

Remember. I like to keep things as simple as i can and also keep things as explicit as i can. More complex setups can come if there is a need for it. And not before.


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