Rough start of 2023

The year of 2023 has had a very rough start. All my plans for the year was thrown in the meat grinder in early february. My dad was diagnosed with a primitive but agressive type of Cancer. He passed away March 25th at age 79. It went so fast that i was left with the feeling of not having had enough time to say good bye to him. At the same time he left quite a bit of loose ends for me to tie up. It is doable but it will postpone all the plans i originally had for the year. And that is totally fine.

One thing i learned though is that plans and carreer, etc. has significantly less importance than family and your own wellbeing. What is material wealth if you have no time and energy to share your time with the ones you love.

I have still not taken proper time off after his death but i am in need of it. Just time off without any plans and without a deadline on the time off. If a spontaneous travel comes out of it, then that is what i will do. What will happen will happen for a reason.

That time off will happen as soon as i have cleared out some emergent things that my dad left behind and that cannot be postponed for a later time.

Dad, i love you and i miss you.


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